Thursday, October 23, 2008

Moving Day

This little corner of the web has been fun for me, and some good blogmemories have been made, but I'm (mostly) packing things up and heading to a new location.

Although I may ocassionally find myself posting a muse from time to time, any real bike-related posts will now be at the bike-specific site. This site was a great journal during my weightloss progress, and I may still drop some of those thoughts here along the way, but please visit PacificPedalling to follow any of my bike thoughts.

Also, I'd love to take the opportunity to invite you to visit some of our network of bloggin' buddies as well. In no particular order, some that may be of interest to you: - Conrad shares some great mortgage industry info in this crazy economic time. - The team shares great tips for the 'green enthusiast.' - All about making life simpler, better, easier. - Deanna and friends share about re-using items in a new way. - Ryan Thorson helps outline a gameplan for tackling life head on every day. - Mark has a unique perspective on the market in volatile times! - this one has been dry, but look for posts to start piling up again. - Everything about those Macs we love so much!

We also have some new blogs that will be launching soon, but I'll probably wait to post them here until that time. Please come visit over at!