Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 53: Mile Marker Thirty

Update: 227.4 lbs, 30.8 lbs so far, 7.2 left to reach goal.

Sweet Fancy Moses. Another milestone today, or as I'm calling it now, Mile Marker...I crossed the 30 lb line this morning. Great way to launch off the camping trip, I'm very happy with that...seemed like I had boarded another slow boat to china at the end of last week, so I'm glad to see this change.

Now the question is, will 4 days camping enhance the calorie cutback effort, or will it hinder it? Haven't chatted with the missus about whether or not we're bringing the scale, but if we don't have room in the rig for it, I suppose I could just put it under the buns as a booster for the drive over.

That's it for me now. Revise your guesses as you like on The Pool, or add them in. Any comments through the end of today, March 28, will count. Everyone enjoy their spring break...I may not post back here again until Sunday.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 52: The Pool

Update: 228.6 lbs, 29.6 lbs so far, 8.4 left to reach goal.

No, not that kind of pool. Although there will be a massive pool at Kah Nee Ta, and the Trussell's poor Japanese (at least we all think she must be from Japan) exchange student will have to see what most of you will never have to endure when I get in to play with my kids, I'm not speaking of the swimming pool. I'm talking about the Official Guess the Date And Win Starbucks Pool. So far, you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning, if you've sent along an official entry. Dates picked so far, in chronological order, are:

Mistee - 4/4
Syd - 4/5
Michael - 4/10
SeagravesJ - 4/25 - (updated!)
Joe - 4/27

I'll be taking entries through tomorrow's post (and any comments to that post will count), which will probably be my last post until at least Saturday, and possibly Sunday. The best way to add an entry, or modify your previous entry, is to comment here in this post. I've turned on anonymous posting, so you don't have to register or anything, if you want some of this action (big stakes, you know you want it.)

Once again, I'm trying to hit my first major goal of 38 lbs. I've lost 29.6 so far in 52 days, and have 8.4 left to go. I'm in a bit of a slowdown again, so you may want to take that into consideration. Originally I was hoping I'd hit it at the 2 month mark, or beginning of April, but unless I lose an arm, I don't think that's going to happen...however, guess as you best feel led.

The person who picks the actual date, or date closest to when I hit my goal, will receive a Starbucks drink of their choice, or a gift card, if you're not in the treat. I weigh in between 6 and 7 each morning, and post shortly thereafter. In the event of a tie, we'll draw the names from a hat...I'm a fair guy, I promise.

On another note, last night we had a kickin' pork tenderloin with a mango mint salsa, and all I could think about while eating dinner, was this video.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 51: You See More On Two Wheels...

Update: 228.6 lbs, 29.6 lbs so far, 8.4 left to reach goal.

I read a quote somewhere saying 'you see more on two wheels than you ever will on four,' obviously referring to the joys of cycling, or biking. Well, I can testify that this statement is true. For example, last week while cruising out to Spongs Landing at 7 in the morning, I enjoyed God's great creation in two amazing pitbulls that wanted to show me just how fast they could run. To return the favor, I showed them that a 230+lb man could get a bike up from 7 mph to over 20 in just a matter of seconds. It was a fun little game we played not only once, but twice, since I had to come back the same way to get home. My only other option was to ride up all they way to about Wilsonville, and then cut back and around, but since I didn't have half the day for a ride, I just did the Running Of The (pit)Bulls again.

This morning, I relived the quote as I took a different route, and looked out off the road into God's creation and saw...more McDonalds garbage for miles than I really expected to see. No wonder I like to ride in the car, I don't have to see everyone elses personal roadside trash-can that way. One thought kept crossing my mind as I cruised along seeing the Golden Arches strewn about -- "Great, now where am *I* supposed to throw my McMuffin wrapper!?" - (kid....I kid.....)

Anyway, got in 10.5 miles this morning since the kids are off for spring break (that's 540 calories, at 10mph, for those who were wondering), and just beat the rain, I was starting to sprinkle as I pulled in. And let me say, I'm a sight to see when I do. Since I haven't really gone nutso on the whole biking thing yet, I haven't spent a dollar on cycling clothes, so my early morning wardrobe is running shoes, baggy sweatpants, t-shirt, pull over zip neck, with a hoodie sweatshirt over those, my wifes white Turtle face muzzle, garden gloves, and bike helmet-- accessorized with the trendy white ipod earphones of course...gotta be cool, that's how I roll.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Day 50: Crazy Sunday Post

Update: 229.0 lbs, 29.2 lbs so far, 8.8 left to reach goal.

As always, Sunday is just a crazy day, so the post will be short. I actually have a few minutes before heading out to church today, which is different than most Sundays, so I'm enjoying a bowl of Cheerios, looking out on a wet Oregon Sunday.

Big move yesterday...oh momma. I didn't even do the first unload in the morning, nor was I able to stay for the evening shift, but was there from about 11 to 7. Figure in a lunch break, a couple coffee breaks, one or two YouTube you-gotta-see-this breaks, and one or two strategic sessions....I bet we still had a couple to few hours of solid moving o' boxes and furniture. According to the calorie burning calculator, we were burning 600-800 calories per hour, or 1800-2400 calories for the move...minimum. I'm trying to be conservative (and in fact, only gave myself 90 minutes in my tracking system, just to be safe) and I didn't yet mention that the destination location was up one set of stairs to the ground level, and then a second set for second story items. We were burnin' the fat yesterday. And for those bold enough to bunny hop up the ramp in the last hours of the move -- bonus points. (Even after almost 30 lbs, you still don't want to see this gut bunny hoppin'.) But a good time was had by all, even considering the fact that we were moving.

Ok, that's all I got time for today, gotta wrap up for church.