Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take Your Kids To Work Day

I rarely post pictures or names of my family members on my blog, for security and privacy reasons -- to many sickos and stalkers out there...(don't even get me started on what kids are putting on MySpace and Facebook these days)....BUT, how can you not put up a picture from Take Your Kids To Work Day when you happen upon such a proud moment as this???

Some fathers long for the day their kids throw that first touchdown in a high school game, or drop a 5 point buck from 50 yards out, but a tear comes to my eye seeing them all building web pages -- all on Macs. Sigh.

How can you not love Take Your Kids To Work Day?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Flower Delivery Service

I commuted 3 of 5 days last week to work on the 925 (mentioned in the post below) and aside from getting caught in the rain/hail for part of the ride home, and a near miss with the Day and Night Heating guy that wasn't looking as I drove past the parking lot he was pulling out of, I was really glad to be riding to work.

As I was leaving on Friday, the lovely lady I live with said "oh, you're riding in today? I was going to have you take some flowers to the office." Since Mike at Cycleworks has said on more than one occasion that you CAN take anything with you on the bike, I decided to live out his mantra and offered to take them anyway.

At least if the web gig doesn't work out, I could pimp myself out as a bicycle flower delivery guy. Maybe I could step it up at Valentines day and offer a singing flower delivery guy special!