Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 204 - Crash!

Update: 208.2 lbs, 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124. 10 lbs to 60 lb goal.

Not on my bike, just my iPhone. But let me tell you, it was a bummer having to reset that factory settings and losing some sweet pics I hadn't sync'd yet, including C-dub in a suit playing GH at Uptown. But I digress...

Yesterday was a crazy day that started nice and early. I had planned to get up and put down another day of training first thing in the morning, but my 3 year old buddy got up with the sun and wouldn't let me slip out the door. So after some web work and solving the worlds computer issues, I took a long lunch and did 23 miles before coming back and cooking a whole mess of meat for nearly 40 of our closest buddies at the All Staff BBQ Night.

For some reason the ride just did not start off great. I think I was a little tired, and had an overwhelming sense that I still had a lot to get done for the evening, including picking up stuff at the store, unloading the bbq I snagged at the church, getting food prepped, and cooking - so I couldn't quite focus on the ride at hand. Within the first few miles I also noticed that some of my gears were acting funny, not quite shifting properly and hopping an extra gear over when I just wanted one changed at a time. If those two weren't enough to make me want to turn back around, it was already pretty windy in the afternoon and I was riding straight into it for the first half of the ride.

I had strong desire to turn back at least twice, and maybe three times in the first 15 minutes of being out there. I had to really fight the urge to call it a day and make up the miles somewhere else, but I also had the big reminder in the back of my head that the 70 miler was just around the corner, and I bad better overcome obstacles like these if I was going to make it for that distance on that ride. It's entirely possible that I'll be tired, unmotivated, with a bike giving me some sort of fit, and a wind blowing right on me for the Livestrong, and it won't really be an option to just turn back. Well, it would be an option, but what kind of loser would I be then? So I pressed on.

Somewhere around the 12 mile mark there was a pretty decent hill that felt good going up. I wondered how steep it had been so for some crazy reason I turned around, went back down and came back up it with the Garmin set to elevation so I could see. Not too shabby - it was an 11% grade for a good amount of it. Halfway up I noticed some sweet looking wild blackberries, but figured if I tried to stop I'd have a pretty good change of laying the bike down, so I passed. Got to the top and thought about going back around once more, just to do it, but remembered the upcoming bbq and decided to just get back home.

Too many times I think I'm willing to let those obstacles turn me back around, but the times I press on and push through, I'm really satisfied to have accomplished the goal I set out on. 23 more miles logged in the training journals and another several hundred feet of climbing under my belt. Not too mention I didn't feel as bad when I wolfed down more of Erika's peanut butter chocolate treats last night!



Tammy Bowers said...

Sorry about this, but I tag you on the Middle Name Game. Check out my recent post. I know it will be fun to read about your middle name, you are such a creative writer!

mick b; the Anti-Bill said...

Paul, I bid you bon chance, mon ami on your quest for an Adonis-like figure. I tried hooking up my butt to our vacuum cleaner, for a little "in-house" liposuction; to no avail. It just whined and revved up the little 5hp. motor until the house smelled of hot Eureka! Sounds like a stunt for Jackass 3!

mick b: Balaam's understudy said...

BTW, I nearly made of faux pas of epic proportions this week. I got quite excited over an "Esteban" guitar special on HSN; basically, a guitar, amp, 10DVD's, etc. for around $200. I got it home and here's what I found: poor video quality on the DVD's, the wood of the guitar popped a lot when played, a constant buzz from improperly joined wood inside the cavity and the "straw" that sent me over the edge, the pickup didn't work properly. In the words of Peter Brady: "I really got my caveat erupted!"

paul said...

Mick, I'm not sure what either of your comments were saying (you're throwing French around like Jean-Luc Picard) but I can tell you that I've been more than once tempted by the psuedo latin swayings of Esteban myself. And I *am* brown already, and have plenty of decent guitars as is.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I let Michael know about your shifting problems when I picked my bike up, and he said you were on your way in. Oh and I kept the yellow seat.


paul said...

Brad - so todays post for 'the rest of the story!'

Thanks for reading!