Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 53: Mile Marker Thirty

Update: 227.4 lbs, 30.8 lbs so far, 7.2 left to reach goal.

Sweet Fancy Moses. Another milestone today, or as I'm calling it now, Mile Marker...I crossed the 30 lb line this morning. Great way to launch off the camping trip, I'm very happy with that...seemed like I had boarded another slow boat to china at the end of last week, so I'm glad to see this change.

Now the question is, will 4 days camping enhance the calorie cutback effort, or will it hinder it? Haven't chatted with the missus about whether or not we're bringing the scale, but if we don't have room in the rig for it, I suppose I could just put it under the buns as a booster for the drive over.

That's it for me now. Revise your guesses as you like on The Pool, or add them in. Any comments through the end of today, March 28, will count. Everyone enjoy their spring break...I may not post back here again until Sunday.



Jennyth said...

Jen Green's prediction..

Goal by 4/8

Glancys said...

Ok so Nate and I are admiring your photos and are so proud of you! You look great! We miss you guys! We love you!

Nate & Deanna