Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take Your Kids To Work Day

I rarely post pictures or names of my family members on my blog, for security and privacy reasons -- to many sickos and stalkers out there...(don't even get me started on what kids are putting on MySpace and Facebook these days)....BUT, how can you not put up a picture from Take Your Kids To Work Day when you happen upon such a proud moment as this???

Some fathers long for the day their kids throw that first touchdown in a high school game, or drop a 5 point buck from 50 yards out, but a tear comes to my eye seeing them all building web pages -- all on Macs. Sigh.

How can you not love Take Your Kids To Work Day?


k8 said...

this is the cutest!!!! helps that your kids are a-freakin-dorable too.

CraftyMama said...

This is how our office/basement looked today, but with a younger attendance ;).