Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day 22: Counting on The Weekends

Update: 240.8 lbs, 17.4 lbs so far, 20.6 left to reach goal.

In the article I refer to in my first post, Kyle didn't diet on the weekends, which actually seems like a pretty good idea at first. If you only work on losing weight during the week, the weekend would be something to look forward to, and it would give you freedom during those times when you may have special or fun plans, and dieting, or counting calories may be harder to do. However, I know me..and here's why I haven't done it that way.

When I tried just 'eating better' before to lose weight, I did pretty good for a while...even dropping as much as 25 lbs, but with no real plan other than to watch what I eat, exercise and drink water...generally good things. But over time it's easy to let things slide, when there's no real measurable daily goal. To easy to say "Yeah, I ate pretty good today." Next thing you know, the weekend started with dinner on Friday, and continued into Sunday night...late Sunday night, with a snack because I'd be dieting the next day. Then a late start on Monday...maybe I'll start at lunch or dinner, and before too long, I was just back to pretty lazy eating again.

For me, at least in these early stages, I think I have to be committed 100% to the goal, or I'll start letting things slide again. And honestly, as I've said before, there are still tons of great things to eat that don't feel like I'm working too hard at the goal. Last night we made some teriyaki scallops and chicken, over egg noodles, with brocolli and cauliflower, which was really great. Since the day had been good, I still had plenty of room for a couple Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies and even a little popcorn during the family night movie. All that, without having to snag a couple extra hundred walking calories.

Sundays are interesting because the typical favorite is John's Chinese (those from Keizer know it well) and I'm scared to know what a full serving of Sesame or Mandarin Chicken comes to in the caloric department. I'm guessing somewhere between 1200-1500 by itself. I read a great idea the other day which said when you order your food to ask for a box right away, put half of the meal into the box and save it for another meal, then you cut the calories in half right away. So, if we end up being pulled into the after-church meal, I'm planning my attack right now!


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