Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day 26: Milestone! 20 Pounds in 26 Days

Update: 238.2 lbs, 20.0 lbs so far, 18.0 left to reach goal.

If you'd have told me 26 days ago that I could be 20 pounds lighter this soon, I wouldn't have believed it, but there's the proof in all it's digital glory. 20.0 pounds even. I can't believe a fairly easy change to my daily food intake would have such an impact, but as I mentioned in a conversation yesterday, awareness may be the biggest gain next to the weight loss.

Tried out a new low-cal option last night, chicken tomato basil sausages, which were really pretty good. 110 calories per sausage, and 110 calories per bun, made for a 220 calorie hot dog substitute. One sausage dog, small ceasar salad, carrot sticks and cottage cheese, and I still had a couple hundred calories left after dinner, before exercising.

The picture above is from my Healthometer digital scale. Thing I love about using this scale is that it shows your starting weight, your change from the day before, your overall loss, weight goal, hydration and body fat. Now, the body fat thing is a little funky -- I think you need to be totally naked for it to try to measure accurately, and even still I'm not convinced you can accurately do that without calipers and such...but again, I'm not a dietician. Since I weigh myself in my kitchen every day, with a big window to the world right there, I'm not going totally comando, so I'm not paying much attention to that number. Suffice to say, I'm exercising to make sure I'm not just losing muscle weight. But I love how I'm reminded of my actual starting weight, and tracks excact progress every day. With my old, old scale, I had to dial in the calibration every day, and I know it was off by a couple pounds almost every time I used it. The scale will also allow for up to 4 users to track their progress. Under $30 at Costco.

Hasta Luego

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