Sunday, April 1, 2007

Day 57: We're Back - Crazy Sunday

Update: 226.6 lbs, 31.6 lbs so far, 6.4 left to reach goal.

It's crazy Sunday again, so just a couple of quick notes this morning. First, you *can* go camping, have a great time, and still eat decent, and hit your caloric goals everyday. I took my scale with me, to continue on with my log, but won't go back and post for everyday...but as you can see from the update, still moving forward. I wanted to hit 38 lbs by today, but I've been in the slowdown, so we're still a few days out, at least.

Kah-nee-ta is great. You can check out the website there in the link - I hadn't been for close to 20 years, and they've kept the place up, and even upgraded a few things, like adding in a ginormous slide for their pool. For those that don't know, Kah-nee-ta is a reservation built on hot springs, so the pool is heated naturally, and stays around 90 degrees all year long. We rode bikes, went on walks, went to the pool, watched Survivor (Dish), played games, laughed, hung out and just enjoyed a few days off in the new trailer.

Gotta get out the door to church, so that's about it for now...back to normal posting tomorrow.


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