Friday, May 18, 2007

Day 104: The Best Coffee In Town

Update: 214.0 lbs, 44.2 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. - 5.8 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

So, 104 days ago, I switched over from coffee with cream to just black coffee as another way to cut back a few calories here and there. Yes, I know, it's really splitting hairs, but at that time, 100 calories in a day was a big deal...still kind of is, but with the exercise I'm not as concerned as I was back then.

I have however, really grown to like just black coffee. In the past 100+ days, I've had my fair share of black coffee from several of the shops around town -- from the obvious Starbucks to McDonalds, and every shop in between. Even though my first two lattes from Dutch Brothers were burnt when they first opened up in Keizer, they actually seem to have pretty decent black coffee. Starbucks is decent as long as they are brewing something mild to medium, like Columbia or Breakfast blend, but often times they are brewing something like Dragon Fire Breath, and it rips my face off, and tears out the lining of my stomach, so I have to take that in smaller doses.

There are times though, especially with summer coming on, that I want to get something a little more than just a black coffee, and have been putting down some frappucinos and iced lattes. At Starbucks, if you go the nonfat and sugar free route, you can get a good sized drink for only 100-150 calories - but honestly, they all kind of have that sugar free taste to them. Not horrible, but not amazing. Out of all the drinks there, a hot tall, nonfat, sugar free, cinnamon dulce latte, with no whip, and no sprinkles is the best 120 calorie bang for the buck. The baristas get carpal tunnel just writing that on the side of my cup. It's like a Teresa B kind of coffee drink order.

I did stumble across one of those amazing little secrets the other day though at a coffee shop, that sadly I can't quite remember the name of. I think it's called The Cedars -- it's in downtown Salem and is in the place where The Sip used to be. They have a VERY good sugar free vanilla frappucino there, and the salad with grilled chicken breast is also great. It's now become a place I really like riding down to on my bike, eating lunch and having that frap, and watching the downtown foot traffic. Want something cold, tasty and guilt free....head down to the Cedars (or whatever it's called...sorry Cedars people) and give one a shot. (I think it's 325 Court St N.)

Of course, the iced white chocolate lattes from Cafe De Lopez are not too shabby either, but I actually prefer making those for guests when they stop in here. However, reservations are required, so please call many moons ahead.


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Anonymous said...

I would have to agree, the iced white chocolate lattes are quite nice at cafe de Lopez. Haven't had one for a long time though.