Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 137: Eatin' Good In The Neighborhood

Update: 208.8 lbs, 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124. 10.6 lbs to 60 lb goal.

Some of my least favorite radio spots, in all of time, have been for Applebees. Songs made popular by country music artists like Tim McGraw and Joe Diffie have been turned into little ditties pimping babyback ribs and curbside service. However, I gotta hand it to them for some decent low cal menu options.

Since we literally have an Applebees across the street from the office, we often times find ourselves there. When the three options for something decent in the area are Subway (good), Love Love Teriyaki (good, but careful on the rice), and "Crapplebees," we're gonna end up at the monster chain sit down now and then. Fortunately they have a Weight Watchers menu that actually has some great options, and all at under 500 calories per meal. You can view the Applebees Weight Watchers menu here, but you might have to drop in your zip code to see what options are available in your neighborhood. A couple of the old standys that I've been having are:

Steak and Portobellos - 330 calories and 10 grams of fat
This is not the Ol 96'er from The Great Outdoors, but instead a rather petite little slab of meat, with portobello mushrooms, brocolli and potatos. 4 quarters of red potatos, small steak, a few portobellos and heavy on the brocolli...and with just a little bit of brown sauce. Pretty tasty.

Cajun Lime Tiliapia - 310 calories and 6 grams of fat
Pretty basic slice of white fish and some lime salsa dumped on top, with some rice underneath. This is good, but you're definitely in snack mode by later in the afternoon.

Italian Chicken and Portobello Sandwich - 360 calories and 6 grams of fat
I think someone at Applebees corporate got themselves a killer deal on portobellos. This sandwich is decent, but for some reason not as flavorful as the others, and I think the little slab of chicken is kind of sad looking. Decent for when you want a break from the fish or steak.

For something quick and healthy at a sit down place, these options are pretty good. You'll still do best if you bring your own healthy food to work, or just keep it simple and eat good things, but if you're going out to eat, it's nice to know there are some optons for you. On another note, I'm moving back down again...which is good after the week of reckless abandon last week!



Nicholas R. Lopez said...

I myself have been trying to pull myself out of the daily-oreo-mcflurry diet i've been on lately. I really have no idea where this uncontrollable need for daily ice cream has come from, but i've decided not to fight it and just embrace it. I was looking at light options and picked up a box of klondike "100 calorie" bars. DO NOT be fooled by these imposters. Was i ever surprised to pull out a ice cream treat the size of a Ritz cracker- That, is not a klondike bar. So i ate three of them.

Michael said...

I'm surprised that the meals aren't right up there on the edge of 500 calories. Usually when they say "below 500" it means 499 or something like that. But you've got another 100 - 200 calories almost on those. Maybe they leave room for a drink.

BSkove, Associate Publisher said...

Congratulations on reaching your latest goal! I'm a little late getting this to you. Your before/after photos are inspirational and I have started my own days of counting calories. My goal is 15 pounds in 3 months. You're my inspiration! In four days I've lost 3 pounds and walked 12 miles. And the Daily Plate helps too. Thanks!

Sarah Lewis said...

I don't eat out much, but I did end up at Applebee's recently and really enjoyed their Confetti Chicken. It helped a lot with "plate envy". :)