Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 160: "Good Evening, Grande Ronde!"

Update: 206.2 lbs, 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124. 8 lbs to 60 lb goal.

I may lose half my readership by posting this - so goodbye to 6 of you - but I gotta be me...I went to the casino, with my sis and friend to see Rick Springfield last night. There I said it, and I say it loud and proud.

I gotta say, the dude is definitely showing his 58 years, but still looks pretty dang good - and I mean that in the most plutonic of ways. And as is evident in the photo above (click for larger version), the girls (or should I say ladies) still go a little wackadoodle for him too.

Now when you're a former teen idol / pop star, who actually had more charting hits than most people remember off the top of their heads, over many decades - it must get frustrating to be in Grande Ronde, Oregon playing to a half sold show, with many of them being the season pass holders who had their fingers in their ears for a good portion of the time. In fact, I think it took him about half of the show to really get into it, and then just decide to have fun with the rest of the group that was there to just hear the songs that drove our high school days.

At one point he was just noodling around on his guitar, and although decent, he's not really a guy you show up to just listen to play guitar. I leaned over to my sister and said "I think he's bored," and she made me laugh when she replied, "and I'm getting there." Ha! Shortly thereafter though he busted into a mashup of several of his hits, and then seemed to really kick it into gear and finished strong. I'm thinking the Metamucil must have kicked in (I'm not really sure what that means...sorry, had to make at least one old rocker joke.)

I also think that the guy is able to look back at his teen idol days and laugh it up at himself a bit. He referred to his attempt at a movie, Hard To Hold as "Hard to Watch," and just shook his head everytime he held up one of his early day posters that someone wanted him to sign - often times holding the same pose as was in the picture. And I picked up a new move for Sunday and Wednesday nights where he smashed bouquets of flowers against his strings on his guitar so they'd explode as he strummed big chords....I'm so gonna bring that into my toolbelt of tricks.

Well, You Better Love Somebody, and I still love old Rick Springfield. Thanks for the memories man...



Jennyth said...

Gotta say this...

He was hot when he was on General Hospital...

Now...not so much.

k8 said...

I still listen to Jessie's Girl on a fairly regular basis.