Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 295: Didn't Happen

Update: 50 lb Goal Reached Day 124. Current weight - 208.6 lbs - 8.6 lbs to under 200 goal.

No pictures. No real time to post, but for those who are interested. Didn't happen. Same weight as two weeks ago. Too much going on. No real time to workout as much as I'd like. Not even a ton of motivation to post on a regular basis. Hopefully like gets back to normal before long.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving.


Jennyth said...

Hey man...

I'm impressed that your weight has stayed stable for so long. You lost a bunch and have kept it off. That's a huge thing!

Congrats dude. Keep posting. It at least reminds me to step on the scale once and a while...

I wouldn't mind your next post being a reminder of how it all began...meal ideas, counting calorie tips, stuff like that. Maybe I would even start working toward finishing my goal and get these last ten pounds off! (15 down)

Peace. Jen

MadMango said...

I just found your Blog. Keep up the effort to loose that extra weight. My weight now fluctuates between 205-220lb throughout the year, and I'm 5'-10". Several years ago I was shopping and found myself reaching for the 40 inch waist pants, that's when I knew I had to do something. I was 260lb, and instead of trying to loose the weight I was just going to buy bigger pants. How dumb is that?

I followed my own "drink water" diet, which was basically 16oz of water for breakfast, several more before lunch. For lunch I ate a normal lunch (McD's included), followed by more water the rest of the day and for dinner. If I wanted a snack, I drank water. I think you get my drift. I added supplements to my diet because I was "washing" most of the minerals and vitamins out of my system.

I'll say it was effective, but a very dumb diet. In 4 months I dropped down to 205lb. I went from tight 38 inch pants to comfortable 34 inch pants. I got to wear L shirts instead of XL (or even XXL). I also lost clumps of my hair in the shower, and didn't have energy for much else besides sitting behind my computer all day at work. Not recommended.

I still try to drink 3 liters of water a day and limit myself to 24oz of soda, I need to get my caffeine from somewhere (no coffee for me). I eat what I want for breakfast, but watch what I eat for lunch and dinner. No more meal skipping for me, just moderation.

Those last few pounds are tough, good luck!