Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day 45: Looking Forward to Camping

Update: 231.0 lbs, 27.2 lbs so far, 10.8 left to reach goal.

Next week is Spring Break for the kids which means the kickoff of camping season for the Lopi 6. We will cram into the 22 ft trailer like sardines and enjoy some really, really close family time. Heading over to Warm Springs, where we haven't been since my wife and I were first married, so it should be a lot of fun.

In the past, camping has meant a lot of fun-but-not-so-healthy foods, and initially I was little concerned about all the chips, cookies, sugary drinks, etc that would be around all the time. Half of camping is the eating, right? When you camp in an RV, you basically have a full fridge and cupboard of whatever in the world you want to take with you, and we have always enjoyed living it up in the food department.

This year though, since my wife and I have become more aware of the things we're puttin' down, we've already been planning for some 'calorie cutback' friendly foods. In fact, our plan of attack for camping trips is that we should be able to just pull from the normal food we have in the house for the trip, since we'd be eating those meals anyway at home. Since we're loaded up on foods that are part of our effort in the house, we should be able to keep it up when we're out roughing it in the wilderness....on a government protected Indian reservation and casino site, of course.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to firing up the little grill and making some great food while we're on our first trip of the year. Don't know if I'll take the scale or not for those few days--we'll have to see if we have room between the TV and satelite dish. :)



Michael said...

Even if you do go over a bit on the caloric intake side, at least you'll be out roughing it in the woods, and chances are you're going to be more active than you normally would. So hopefully it'll be wash.

I imagine, with all the weight you're dropping, that you're probably gonna have to pick it up on the physical activity anyway to keep losing, cause I bet it keeps lowering your allowance based on your new weight.

I fell off again on friday. Not as bad as last time, but it was step backward that I'm working off now. Should be back to normal tomorrow.

Paul said...

It's true, getting the trailer hooked up, and the stabilizers up alone has got to be comperable to my normal workout, not to mention setting it up once we reach our destination. And you're probably right on the activity. I've been adding more time on the treadmill a little here and there, and also mixing in some bike rides.

You know, falling off on a Friday isn't all that bad. In fact, that original inspirational article I read suggested just taking the weekends off alltogether. I cant' really do that because it becomes a slippery slope to same old, same old, but probably works for a lot of people.

Michael said...

yeah, I'm still 8lbs under where I started at, but I've lost a total of of 13 lbs.

I can't help but feel that if I'd stayed the course I'd have already passed my first goal of 10 lbs and would be half way to my target goal of 26lbs.

But I'm putting it past me and keepin' on keepin' on.