Friday, March 23, 2007

Day 48: Who Is That Guy?

Update: 228.8 lbs, 29.4 lbs so far, 8.6 left to reach goal.

Ok, so I haven't lost so much weight that people don't recognize me, nor do I think I ever really will, but I did find this website that lets you plug in your face, and see which celebrities you look like. I did it before when I had the 'cheeks of love' going on, and surprisingly it picked out people like Paul McCartney, Robert Deniro, and (well maybe not so surprisingly) Julio Iglesias. (Hey, if the lady at church can ask me if I'm related to a 'Laura Hernandez' just because my last name is Lopez, I suppose the site can match me up to Julio.)

So I plug my new, less-cheeky face into it this time, and I get some really wacky results. Take a look, here's the photo: (click on it for larger image)

So if you're following along at home, I now look like a German power forward for the Mavericks, the Real Slim Shady, a Kung Fu star, former lead singer of Matchbox 20, or Sam Gamgee....there was even some lady on there I didn't know, but they'd only let me collage 5 pictures.

So there you go, losing weight makes think you look like some pretty interesting choices, and apparently I lost my ethnicity this time around...well, I just switched teams I suppose. If you haven't been out before, visit the site, upload a picture, it's kind of fun.

Have a great Friday, I think we're doing fake pizza tonight..whoohoo (Papa Murphy's DeLite pizzas...not bad, just not Humdingers....)


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