Thursday, March 22, 2007

Day 47: Coming Down The Homestretch

Update: 229.8 lbs, 28.4 lbs so far, 9.6 left to reach goal.

Another mini-goal today, one I've been waiting to hit for a while now--less than 10 lbs left to reach my first major goal of losing 38 lbs, and getting down to 220. I really was hoping to hit my 220 mark by the 1st of April, but I think that is going to just be a couple days to short of what I really need to do it right. I don't want to go all nutso and workout three times a day, in a plastic suit, so I can drop the weight any faster than I've already been doing.

I'm am still hopeful that I'll be able to hit the 50 lb mark in three months, as I mentioned in my first post. Kyle Pott (who has sent along some encouraging emails since I first set out) posted the initial article that got me rolling on the 'calorie cutback' back in February. After I hit that 50 lbs mark, it should be a fairly easy jump to hit the 58 lb mark, and just get to an even 200. I was around 185-190 when we got married, but I'm not sure I will go that far, but we'll see.

Here's my progress bar from the daily plate for the past 47 days (click for larger image):

Anyone want to get in on the pool of what day I'll hit my 38 lb goal? Comment on this post with your date selection, and I'll buy the correct guesser a drink of your choice at Starbucks. (Michael, if you're the only person to guess, you've got pretty good odds!) I weigh in between 6 and 7 each day, for what it's worth, and post here after weigh in. If more than one person picks the same date, I'll draw out of a hat or something....again, not expecting to have to do that :)

The kids are off of school today, so we don't have the crazy 4 trip morning kids I'm gonna celebrate the mini-goal with a bike ride before heading off to work.

Hasta luego!


Michael said...

I'm goin' Tuesday, April the 10th.

Might be a bit conservative, but I have my reason which I'm not going to divulge here and inform my competitors. I will say, that I'm not doubting your abilities, or motivation. I'm basing my guess more on the natural order of things. Nuf said.

Today I hit 9lbs again. This is the second time I've reached that number after slightly falling off this past weekend. This is the lowest I've gotten too during this endeavor. My first goal is 10 lbs, which I'm on the verge of. Weekends have been my achilles heel, so I'm looking forward to this weekends move for the exercise. I plan on lowering my shoulder and charging through this weekend to break through my goal. Maybe I can reach the halfway mark of my end zone goal of 26lbs. That would put me down to my post Navy weight of 11 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey~ Congrats on the homestretch to your first goal!! I can't wait to hit 10 lbs. My guess is April 4, 2007.


Jennyth said...


Why are you so popular? You have people diving on your blog from everywhere. Seriously, 20 years after high school and you still have more friends than anyone I know.

But, I'm glad Jer and I are some of them!

paul said...

Michael - ok, I can see the logic...I'd even be happy at that date. We'll see what the calendar holds! I think you'll cross that 10 lb mark by this weekend..if not, I'll make sure you carry more boxes than me.

Mistee - thanks for stopping in! Best of luck on the 10 lbs, it's all within your control!

Jen - cash. I pay blog visitors $5 each per visit, that's how it works.

Michael said...

Alright... this is why..

Typically, weight loss slows down the more you lose. What I did was caculate the average loss per day since you started.. then figured in how many days it would take to reach the end goal based on that average, then added in a little extra time to make up for the slow down, and also took into consideration a special day on the first. Who knows what will happen then. Like I said, "conservative" but we'll see how it plays out.

I think you look awesome by the way. This summer should be fun, kids are getting bigger to do stuff with, grown ups are getting healthier.. should be good.