Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day 66: Boy Meets Grill

Update: 222.8 lbs, 35.4 lbs so far, 2.6 left to reach goal.

No, not THAT grill. Those of you who know me, and my backyard, know I'm on a two year plan to finishing up my brick barbeque outside. BUT I have managed to build a nice cedar shed out there, and set up a monster wooden play structure, so life has not been without progress in the backyard, the grill has just become a life mission at this point.

Anyway, last night was the first night we pulled out the little mini-grill. Yes, it's gas, and I felt kind of dirty, betraying charcoal, the true grilling love of my life, but I was in the mood for something cooked outside, and that's what was handy. Grilled up some chicken in Sweet Baby Ray's, and let me just say, if you haven't tried SBRs yet, GET OUT AND GET SOME! Ask anyone who's had bbq at our house -- THE SAUCE IS THE BOSS! I don't work for the company, I'm just trying to help set free those trapped in KC Masterpiece land. But chicken is easy. Toss it on, slather with SBR, and flip a few times. No worries.

However, the shining jewel of the night was some grilled asparagus, as you can see in the picture. I drizzled lightly with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled some salt on it, and threw it on until the light green color had changed to a nice Jolly Green Giant dark green. Cook those babies between 5-10 minutes depending on your heat -- I did mine on low -- and they're done. Way better than steamed, or boiled, or even broiled for me. And, the whole meal was nice and lean.

Looking forward to lots of grilling this summer....anyone have any favorite items they like to grill? I'm curious about fruits too...pineapple, peaches, etc. Love to hear your idea.


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Michael said...


*pops knuckles*

This'a here's a topic I can really sink my teeth into. (haha)

We too had a fantastico dinner of chicken and veggies last night. We made Tyler's Ultimate Fajitas". Except we made them with chicken in stead of steak. Basically just used his marinade.. then grilled up onions and peppers. Yummy.

And don't worry.. there is going to be plenty of BBQ going on at my place this year. I'm already planning the menu for JerkFest '07. No, this is not where we invite over all the people we don't like. It's jerk as in the caribean seasoning. So far I've got BBQ Jerk Crusted Salmon Fish Tacos with Mango Habenero Hot Sauce.

More to come.