Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 69: Heading To The Beach

Update: 222.0 lbs, 36.2 lbs so far, 1.8 left to reach goal.

I'm heading out with a dozen of my favorite folks, the Mid High Staff, to the beach for the night, and will be back later there may or may not be an update in the morning. Last time we stayed at this house on Devil's Lake, there were a few people who insisted on shooting their wi-fi into the house, so I did some quality assurance testing for them. We've got an early morning planned, so depending on how much earlier I get up, I may or may not be here.

Don't think I've forgotten about the pool, I'm still looking forward to buying Starbucks for someone, even though it may be 2008 before I hit my goal at the rate I'm going. I'm not going to really start worrying about progress though until I start feeling better. I think between the old body trying to heal itself, and cough medicines and what not...I'm just not at peek performance. I am still making slow progress, just not amazing progress. Standings so far:

K-biz - 4/1 - Date Passed.
Mistee - 4/4 - Date Passed.
Syd - 4/5 - Date Passed.
Jen - 4/8 - Date Passed.
Michael - 4/10 - Date Passed.
SeagravesJ - 4/25
Joe - 4/27
Skovelli (late entry) - 5/1

Until we cross that halfway point between 4/10 and 4/25 (what is that....4/17?) Michael still has a pretty good shot. 1.8 to go...we'll see. My apologies to everyone who had such great confidence in my ability to drop the tonnage...I don't know what happened. Wasn't for lack of trying, that's for sure! Blame my schizo-fattia!



BSkove, Associate Publisher said...

Relax and enjoy your weekend. Forget about the weight-loss until Monday. Just get better and determine to begin again with renewed vigor on Monday! Good luck!
(formerly Skovelli)

Skovelli said...

Got my name back. But you can check my professional blogs at and

Hope you enjoy them at least a portion of how much I've enjoyed yours.

And, I still think I'm going to win your weight lotto. (sorry)