Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day 68: The Tire Swing

Update: 222.6 lbs, 35.6 lbs so far, 2.4 left to reach goal.

Today I saw this old picture of a tire swing and thought, "Hey, that's what I'm going through right now...a tire swing." The 'spare tire' around my mid section is teasing me by going down...then up...then down...then up. The double meaning of both the tire and the swing fits so amazingly well, I should just put one out in the giant japanese maple in front of the house as a tool of encouragement. (Reminds me of the time Chris pointed up to the bridge at Cove Pallisades and said "look, Chicken Carver." To be on that inside joke, you'd have to love both Boston Market and John Carver...but you can get where I'm going.)

I didn't look for too long, but really couldn't find any significant history on the tire swing. Simple concept...need some fun, grab and old tire, find a tree, tie it up and have at it. You could go out and spend $600 on one of the play structures sitting out in front of Wal-Mart, but the reality is that your kids would probably have just as much fun, if not more, on one of these babies.....treadmarks and all. Plus, most of the play structures out there only have swings that get you a few feet off the ground, but I've seen more than one tire swing that will launch you into the stratosphere. Or you could wrap yourself up in a cardboard box and let your buddies launch a tire swing at you from 50 feet up like these yahoos, for a whole different level of fun.

Well, tomorrow should be interesting. If we estimate the plot point using the data we have available to us, I should be UP about 5 lbs. I've become a schizo-fattic.



NIck said...

Wow...i just realized what a nancy-pants i am when the first thing that came to mind while reading about tire swings was "nope. Too dirty" (And then the neurotic dispute i had with myself over whether or not "nancy-pants" is hyphenated.

But really even if you give an old tire a good cleaning, there's still that unidentifiable, irremovable substance that is certain to leave a mark on your clothes. and that can ruin the brightest of days for this soldier.

That of course begs the question: Is there a specialty market for tire swinging apparel?

I mean, who really thought this whole internet thing was going to take of like it did?

Nick said...

Ok. So now that i've watched the convinced those kids knew that cardboard offered no protection beyond keeping the tire marks off of their clothes. I may not be alone in my tiremarkophobia.

Paul said...

The best part about the internet is in following up on nancy-pants, whether or not it's hyphenated, if that's even how it's spelled at all, and then seeing if that domain is available for a tire swing apparel line get to find out that someone registered that domain for their Real Estate business:

Go figure.

nick said...

Haha! If i ever move to Connecticut, I'll use her just because of that domain name.