Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day 80: Roasted Garlic Jelly Belly

Update: 219.0 lbs, 39.2 lbs so far, Goal Reached Day 74. - 10.8 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

This weekend me and a couple of the chitlins headed up to Wilsonville to meet a guy who I was buying a new/used today from, which I'll get into tomorrow. The dude was 10 minutes late when I finally called, and then made us wait another 30 minutes while he drove down from N. Portland, to make the handoff.

While we were waiting, I ran into Fry's and snagged some Jelly Belly jelly beans, which as you may or may not know, are only 4 calories per bean. You can snack away and not feel too bad. Totally empty calories, but you won't get into too much trouble with them.

If I remember correctly, on some packages, they even offer 'recipes' of different flavors you can create by eating two different flavored beans at the same time -- well, just call me the Bobby Flay of jelly beans because I stumbled on a doozy there in that Wilsonville parking lot. I tossed two in my mouth, not paying attention, when the overwhelming essense of Roasted Garlic flooded my tongue. Egads! I pulled two partly mushed beans from my mouth to see if I could identify them, and turns out one was Buttered Popcorn (a sure sign something bad is coming, no matter what you mix it with,) and the other was Juicy Pear (which I thereafter continued to call Prickly Pear for some reason.)

In one of those classic 'this milk is sour, taste this' moments, I passed along the bag and said 'oh man, this is gross, you gotta try this.' Sure enough, the consensus was that every jelly bean after the Roasted Garlic Experience basically tasted bad. It was a taste sensation that is really hard to put into words.

So Jelly Belly, Inc, if you're reading, please print up some new bags that say Buttered Popcorn + Juicy Pear (although I think you should rename it Prickly Pear) = Roasted Garlic. Trust me, those Turkey and Gravy Soda guys ain't got nothin' on you.


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