Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day 92: Seis De Mayo

Update: 215.8 lbs, 42.4 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. - 7.6 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

How in the world did I miss Cinco De Mayo yesterday? Between an early morning ride, a birthday party at the carousel, a graduation party way out South, girls heading off in two different places, Tiger sneaking to within one going into the last round, picking up an Italian speed demon bike, picking up some stuff at the bike shop, stopping for Spiderman snacks, mowing the lawn, getting out for a quick evening ride, and finishing up some work....I MISSED CINCO DE MAYO!

Me! The Tyrannosaurus Mex! I missed it!

Have a great Sunday!


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