Monday, May 7, 2007

Day 93: Let The Bidding Begin!

Update: 216.0 lbs, 42.2 lbs so far, 38 lb Goal Reached Day 74. - 7.8 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

Ok, I'm down to the last 8 lbs or so before hitting the 50 lb mark, and as promised, I have a new Starbucks Challenge on the line. Guess the date I will hit the 50 lb mark and I send you (or buy you if you are in the area) a Starbucks drink of your choice. SeagravesJ has already received her card for being the closest to the 38 lb date. Here are some tidbits that may or may not help your guess:

Originally started the whole calorie cutback 93 days ago and have lost 42.2 since then.

Hit the 38 lb goal on day 74, almost 20 days ago exactly, and have lost 4.2 lbs since then.

I'm still aiming for 1500 calories per day, although sometimes that does count net calories, so if I burn off 500 cycling, I eat into those calories a bit, but keep the net down under 1500.

I do have Nick's super cool, super light, super fast Torelli road bike for the week while they are on the Va-Ca, and it IS a lot of fun to ride, so I could easily get a ride in every day if the weather holds.

Hmm, I can't think of anything else that may influence your selection. Post your guesses here, I have in the past received a few by email, IM, or in other places around the web, and I'll post those here as well. I think I'll track on the sidebar so you don't have to dig down into the old posts to find it. I'll keep it open for about a week or maybe a week and a half, then we'll wait it out and see who was Closest for the Coffee Crown (alliteration for C-dubs bennie.) You can change your pick up until the official close date!

Release the Pound (guesses)!



Jen said...

I'm going to try to extend my birthday luck to you - so June 12th is my guess!!!


Ryan and Kealy Thorson said...

I believe in you, Paul! But you are already so skinny that I think it will take until June 16th to get rid of those last eight pounds but I am sure you can do it!!!

-ryan t.

BadKnee said...

I was going to guess June 14th. That would take into account your losing weight at the same rate you lost weight in the last 20 days.

However, you are determined, and the bike will play a role so I halved it and added a few more days for some bbq's.

So, my final guess is: June 2nd.


Jennyth said...

Hey Paul,

I'm in for June 25th, my birthday. Not to be negative or depressing, most likely you'll be at 50 lbs in a couple of weeks...but, only because it's my birthday.

Prove me Wrong! Jen G.

Anonymous said...

Okay... we are going to go with the 18th of June. Charles birthday. WOO HOO! Man, you are right, I do say that a lot. LOL, the Withers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have been reading your blog since about Day 50 (and copied your whole weight loss blog thing - hope you don't mind.. haha)- quite the journey! I am going to guess June 13.. you know.. lucky thirteen and all.. Good Luck!

paul said...

Jen - you started a trend of birthday guesses, and Candadian posts!

Thorsons - more blogging! Thanks for your guess

BK - hmmm, brother is smoking brisket for Mother's Day, can't wait!

JenG - if you could see how hard I'm working in my LYCRA, you might change your vote! :)

Withers - WhooHoo! I told you...

Briana - thanks for reading! It's ok to steal the name/idea, I stole it from JenG's blog anyway! HA!

Thanks to all who've hopped on!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

I'm going with vote of confidence - May 31. It will happen this month!!!

You know, your numbers probably aren't dropping as quickly any more because you have uppped the excercise. You are adding muscle mass. That's good, though. Lean muscle burns fat. I think that's how that works anyway - college health class was a LONG time ago :-)

Anonymous said...

Paul, am I too late?!?! Haven't been keeping up...So I say June 1st. You can do it...Syd

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing June 5th!


Anonymous said...

I'm late to the game as well. Paul, I think you will have an over abundance of muscule mass from all the hill riding (I've ridden out there on my Nishiki and it is not meant for the fat man} and while a nice beni, I'm pushing the edge at June 26.- Sr. Hackdrummer

BSkove, Associate Publisher said...

june 4th.