Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day 39: And The Boat Becomes A Roller Coaster

Update: 233.2 lbs, 25.0 lbs so far, 13.0 left to reach goal.

I was really hoping I'd hop off that plateau I'd been on, and start moving again, and today I hit another mini-goal, I've lost 25 lbs total. My daughter even made some cookies last night that smelled amazing, but I resisted them, and they fled. Wanted to come into today's weigh in as purely as I could...but it could be time for a butterscotch chip cookie breakfast now! I kid, I kid...

Gotta run out of town to a seminar this morning, but one little tid-bit for all of you giving it the old college try. The biggest snack bang for the buck that I've been able to find is the Dairy Queen Fudge Bar (or Orange Vanilla Bar) for $1.29, and only 50 calories (or 60 for the OV version.) Since it's cold, I can't eat it very fast, so it lasts much longer than one of those 100 calorie granola bars, or cookie packs. Yes, it does have aspartame, so if you're opposed to putting that in your body (don't drink diet Coke, or Crystal Light, or sugar free anything from Starbucks) then you won't want to partake of this little gem.

So if you're in the mood for something sweet and don't want fruit or yogurt, head on down the DQ and get some low-cal ice cream lovin'!



Michael said...

Very cool.

You should be very proud of yourself, Paul. You've been doing this a while without straying off course. I fell off the wagon big time on friday, and it cost me 3lbs!!!! Took me til this morning to get back to Thursday weight. That's 4 days of lost production. I could have met my first goal of 10 lbs during that time. So good job. You're an inpiration.

Keep on trucking...

Paul said...

Thanks man, I appreciate it. And, at least, if you fell off the wagon, you're able to get back on, and in the scope of things a couple months down the road, those 4 days won't even seem like a blip on the radar.

Keep it up!