Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 41: Krispy Kreme Burger

Update: 231.8 lbs, 26.4 lbs so far, 11.6 left to reach goal.

I was watching Rachel Ray's talk show the other day...yeah, there you go, I said it...and they had this segment that was called something like "Are They Real Foods Or Not" with several wacky items on the table. Next to the Rice Krispies Pizza and Mint Popcorn was the Krispy Kreme Burger...and apparently, it's real.

If it's not obvious by the photo, this 1000 calorie baby is a bacon cheeseburger slapped in between a Krispy Kreme donut. Doesn't really sound appetizing to me, but apparently it's a big hit at the minor league ballpark mentioned in the article above.

Surprisingly, a regular old KK donut is only 200 calories -- I expected way more considering what most pastries have been turning out to be. In fact, I could pull my own Juan Carlos-Cruz and cut this baby down to 500 calories by using only one KK donut, a turkey burger, shredded light mozarella, half the bacon, and no mayo. If you've seen Calorie Commando, you know I mean business.

Well, it's amazing what we put into our's amazing what I've been putting into mine that I'm just now realizing. And anyway, I prefer my donuts and burgers separate.



Michael said...

oh man....

check THIS out.

Talk about not paying attention...

Paul said...

Sadly...I would try that :)

Great, now I'm hungry....


Michael said...

Dude, there is 8 different ones there. You have to click on the arrow at the top of the picture.

And yeah... I'd eat it too.