Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day 40: Ode To Trader Joes

Update: 232.6 lbs, 25.6 lbs so far, 12.4 left to reach goal.

Before ever trying any products from Trader Joe's, I always imagined them to be items brought back from all corners of the world -- something like a sack of trinkets tossed on the counter by J. Peterman before he unfolds the spicy details of his most recent adventure on an episode of Seinfeld. Turns out it's just a grocery store.

I still don't really know what IS exactly inside a Trader Joe's store, there's not one in our town -- it's about 30 miles up the road -- and so far, only my wife has brought back goodies from there for us. But I've got to say, some of my favorite snacks and food items in the process are TJ nor particular order, here are some of the things I like having in the house.

Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt - this one is much sweeter compared to the other brands I've tried...which end up being tart to me. Only 140 calories per cup too.
Savory Thin Mini Crackers - these are really tasty, and get this - 37 crackers in a 130 calorie serving. I could easily put down a bag in a sitting, but having a handfull is a great treat.
Cat Cookies (for people) - I love that the carton says 'for people' on them. These either have ginger in them, or cinnamon, or both, but have a great little taste and go good with an evening cup of coffee. 15 little cookies for 130 calories is a decent portion too.
Meatless Meatballs - I call them dirt balls, but they are actually pretty good for me. Either with some teriyaki sauce, or in spagetti. 6 of them for 140 calories are pretty filling too.

So if you've got a TJ's by you, hop on in and grab some goodies. You'll never find yourself saying: "Elaine, up until a few minutes ago, I was convinced I was on the receiving end of the oldest baker's grift in the books - The Enterman's Shim Sham." - J. Peterman.



Michael said...

8 lbs / 17 days (new low, after recoving from my 3 lb freefall)

Mary made Rachel Rays Turkey Florentine Meatballs Heros" for dinner last night. Man, or man.. they were good. Maybe a little high on the calorie side... I figured about 600 but I pigged out, and they're so good. You should check 'em out if you've got that amount alloted. Plus I don't think she used all the lite ingredients that she could have. So maybe could be a little less.

Paul said...

Oh, those sound good..gonna have to give them a shot. We made some turkey burgers last week that were decent.

Nice job on the progress too (and nice recovery)!


Michael said...

I've always found turkey (especially ground turkey) to be very dry. But this recipe wasn't at all. They were moist and really good.

Mom also made this Upside-down Turkey Pizza that was pretty good. She got it out of some weight watchers book.

Paul said...

Ahh, didn't see those others...some pretty amazing counts there.