Monday, April 2, 2007

Day 58: Under The Weather

Update: 226.4 lbs, 31.8 lbs so far, 6.2 left to reach goal.

Another little bit of trivia for you...the term under the weather is apparently an old sailor phrase. From

"I believe that "under the weather" is an old sailor phrase. When men were sick, they would rest below deck and thus were literally "under" the weather on deck. Moreover, the deck they were under was likely "the weather deck", meaning the most exposed deck on the ship, usually the foredeck, or the quarterdeck. Either way, if you needed to be sick, you wouldn't want to "toss your cookies" where the wind could toss them back in your face, nor would anyone with you want you to do so. You'd be firmly told to go "under the weather" to be sick."

Well, at any rate, I started feeling not-so-hot on our camping trip, and really kind of hit a low point yesterday. (Probably what made me grumpy with the craptacular service we had at our favorite Chinese eatery yesterday.....who thinks 'steamed rice' sounds like 'fried rice' and if we're not going to get utensils, at least give us the chopsticks!) Still not feeling hot today - not enough to keep you home in bed, just not great.

It's amazing how certain food associations sneak back up on me. This head cold thing I've got (or whatever it least it's not some kind of flu bug) also hit my two boys and wife, and kept our littlest guy up until 2:30 this morning. I had an overwhelming urge to whip up a plate of something, anything, from about midnight till 2 am...a normal snacking time in days gone by of late night kid episodes. I was a little hungry, but I think it was the association of the comfort side of food that was even more overwhelming. Without really thinking about it, I nearly hopped off the wagon simply because I wasn't feeling so hot. And boy, 6 am comes quick after a night like that!

I also didn't feel like exercising yesterday (not that there's a ton of time on Sunday's anyway) and overall motivation to 'stay the course' was generally low. Be interesting to see how being 'under the weather' will affect the calorie cutback progress.

On another note, here are the updated pool standings:
K-biz - 4/1 - Date Passed.
Mistee - 4/4

Syd - 4/5

Jen - 4/8

Michael - 4/10

SeagravesJ - 4/25

Joe - 4/27

Looking like the second half of the list has the best shot right now. Too bad this wasn't a flu bug, I'd probably hit the goal by Wednesday!



Michael said...

I haven't heard the term "Weather Deck" in years..

and yeah.. from what I heard... it's below the weather deck.


I felt bad listing 4/10. But these guys are just ruthless with 4/27!! That's a whole month for 6 lbs!!

Paul said...

Sheesh, I should have checked in with the family sailor before probably could have given me the inside scoop.

Yeah, at first I was thining "c'mon...I can do better than that," but now with this next slowdown, who knows...those guys at the end might have the right dates!

Skovelli said...

Having been through the pound meltdown with six months of weight watchers, I know how the slowdown goes. I'm saying you'll hit your goal on May 1. The good news is, that's solid sprintime and any further weight goals should come easier!Good luck!