Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Day 60: Can't Believe It's Been 60 Days

Update: 224.8 lbs, 33.4 lbs so far, 4.6 left to reach goal.

Well, today is 60 days on the ol' Calorie Cutback plan...and I figured it was time for a little math. For the past 60 days I've had no more than 1500 calories every day since starting. Now, those are net calories, so some days I did eat a little more than 1500 calories, but I burned enough in my exercise for the day to bring the net number back under 1500.

So, for the past 60 days I've consumed no more than 90,000 net calories total. Now if you remember from a previous post, I was surprised to find out that most days I probably was pushing 3000 calories, and some days probably getting up near that 4000 calorie mark. Sad to put down in ink, but true---that's how you get to be 258 lbs. If you're doing the math, that means for the past 60 days, in my old habits, I would have most likely put away between 180,000-240,000 calories. The difference would be between 90,000 and 150,000 calories.

To give you a visual, that means I've eaten the equivelant of 150 Big Macs over the past 60 days (sounds like a 30 Days episode,) or 2.5 Big Macs per day. (I thought about using the initials BM here so I didn't have to keep typing the full name, but that could be misaken for some other McDonalds induced and/or related function that we don't really want to talk about.) However, on my old eating plan, I would have eaten between 300-400 Big Macs during that same time, or 5-6.7 Big Macs per day. Hmmm....tasty.

Ok, more math: basically, every 3500 calories equals one pound of fat. If you consume, over any amount of time, 3500 more calories than your burn or expel, you will store a pound of fat. If, over any amount of time, you consume 3500 calories less than you burn or expel, you will lose that stored pound of fat. I'm kind of over-simplifying because there are obviously lots of other things that will effect fat storage or loss like water consumption, muscle building, sickness, time of month, cycles of the moon, etc, but you can see the basic math. I've lost 33 lbs in the past 60 days, and that lines up with the math. Using my Trussell-esque mathmatical abilities, I would have had to have consumed 115,500 less calories than I burned or expelled to lose those 33 lbs and lookie here, 33 x 3500 = 115,500, which falls into that 90,000-150,000 range I mentioned above. And all this time I thought I'd never use that math again!

So what do the next 30 days hold for me? Well hopefully I hit that 38 lb first goal, and then move on to my 50 lb goal by day 90. From there, maybe I'll shoot for some early-days-of-marriage weight, but we'll see how it goes.

Thanks again for all the encouragement, tips, prayers, cards, thoughts, karma, backrubs, and cash gifts....really, they all do help. :)


P.S. - Since another date has passed, time for a pool update:

K-biz - 4/1 - Date Passed.
Mistee - 4/4
- Date Passed.
Syd - 4/5

Jen - 4/8

Michael - 4/10

SeagravesJ - 4/25

Joe - 4/27
Skovelli (late entry) - 5/1


Michael said...

I'm feeling pretty good about my date estimate. 6 days left.. with 4lbs to go... I think I'm gonna be there.

In other news: I'm back down to my lowest again. I tend to put on a little over the weekends, and then lose it again the first part of the week. So I'm like a 2 steps forward, 1 step back kinda guy. It's prgress.. it's just a little slower pace. But I'm getting there. I'm currently half way to my 26 lb goal. Upon reaching my goal I'll be at 1996-post Navy weight. That's just ridiculous. But I'm going for it. And I'm half way there now. Only 13 lbs left to go. And summer is coming!! Woohoo!!

paul said...

Yeah, if I was a betting man, I may be putting my money on this blogs most faithful commentor. :)

That's great about your progress. I had a couple more friends tell me they were hopping on the bandwagon and had started losing too...it's amazing how it really is in our control, and doesn't take too much brain power to pull off.

26 lbs, here you come!

magawisca said...

i'm visiting from the daily plate. i first went to your post that you linked to and then the most recent. wow! you are almost there. good to see success!