Saturday, April 7, 2007

Day 63: End of the Week Round Up

Update: 223.2 lbs, 35.0 lbs so far, 3.0 left to reach goal.

I think readership is lower on the weekends, but for those of you who check in for your daily bit of chubby love, here are some random things from the week.

Yesterday was crazy. Rode into work, then off to the golf course for a round, then raced back into town and grabbed stuff to set up for game night with the mid high kids last night, then somehow got conned into playing basketball for about 40 minutes -- something I haven't done in ages. Today the old chesteral muscles are feeling a tad sore, and not sure if it's from first golf of the season swinging, or shooting the ball. Needless to say, yesterday was like triathalon calorie burning.

Also, discovered the wonders of White Tea this week. Mark from the office brought some in and I'm officially hooked. We kept trying to figure out what it smelled like when it was brewed (kind of scary since we had some serious sea water smell from some of his previous green tea) and the word citrus was thrown out once or twice. However, while sipping on some freshly brewed tea while watching Mark give his best effort at ripping it up "You Really Got Me" on Guitar Hero, I realized what it was - Starbursts. The white tea we have smells like can you not love that tea.

And to follow up on the gut question from yesterday...yes, the swing is a little different. I overpowered almost every single short iron shot when approaching the green yesterday, and long shots are a bit wacky, but overall it felt much better playing with 35 of my little fat buddies as only distant memories. My back was a little sore at the end of the round, but that's because I've recently realized I'm quite a sloucher, and I no longer have as much of my gut to kind of prop me up from slouching too much, if that makes sense. So now when I slouch, I really slouch, and it's kind of messing with my back. Trying to work on posture now.

That's it...we're off to a rainy egg hunt for the little fella today.


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Jennyth said...

Good times, lope on a rope, good times.

I love the way you describe everything, I just laugh.

Looks like I won't be the big winner, but I will say this, CONGRATS on your efforts. I truly am amazed at your weight loss. Keep it up. Jen