Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Day 59: The Security Blanket

Update: 225.8 lbs, 32.4 lbs so far, 5.6 left to reach goal.

I always loved Peanuts growing up, no comic ever came close to them for me, until Calvin and Hobbes, which I miss all the time. Snoopy of course was my favorite character, but I think as I grow older, I realize I'm probably most like Linus, enjoying the security and comfort of the common every day patterns in my life.

2 days after getting back from camping, I realize it feels good to be back in the groove of the calorie cutback from the comfort of home. Even with a couple meals out (one of them to Claim Jumper...oh momma), knowing that I can come home and adjust my meals accordingly is like a safety net that catches me from diving off the edge.

I'm not planning on eating this strictly afer hitting all my goals, but until then, I do like reaching each daily goal along the way. For a man of little self control, having a number to reach every day helps keep me on course for the long haul. I was encouraged yesterday with another email from Kyle - the fellow who's article started this whole process - and the fact that he's kept off the 50 lbs for over a year now, with just moderate effort. One of my greatest fears is to have made a serious effort for the first time, and then be one of the many who gain it all back...I don't want to do that. Hopefully the exercise I've incorporated, and the database of food I will have built will help to keep a healthier overall lifestyle in place. Of course, the new plan will also make room for Paddingtons Humdingers...gotta have that.


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