Sunday, March 4, 2007

Day 29: Busy Day

Update: 237.4 lbs, 20.8 lbs so far, 17.2 left to reach goal.

No real post to speak of today...stayed up way to late last night prepping for Sunday school, editing a camp video, and getting in a few rounds of DDR (see posts two back if that doesn't mean anything to you.)

Lunch at Thai Lotus today, had to move away from that sweet creamy Panang, and tried Garlic and Black Pepper Chicken, which didn't have the coconut milk. Only took a single serving of rice from the normal mountain they serve, and skimmed out the chicken from the sauce as much as possible, leaving it for just a little flavoring instead. I think I cut it down to closer to a 500 calorie meal from the higher number it usually is. Light sandwiches for dinner. TV shows tonight...whoohoo!

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