Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Day 31: Rethinking Dance Dance Revolution

Update: 236.4 lbs, 21.8 lbs so far, 16.2 left to reach goal.

After Charles threw down the "Saturday Night" challenge in DDR Universe the other night, I figured I should get back on the the mat and see if I could even compete. Good news...I Got The Music In Me...even better news, I spent almost an hour on it and some other songs, working up a decent steam. Half the time I was on DDR, Adam was being clingy, and I had to hold him, adding a new level of difficulty, and surely adding more calories being burned. After about 15 minutes of 'sweatin like an oldie' I started thinking I just might be able to make a workout out of DDR.

I mentioned in a previous post that the calories being tracked on DDR seemed really low, and not worth trying as a workout substitute, but now I'm pretty sure that the workout mode is simply counting steps based on the patterns of the game. It does not seem to consider how much other body movement is actually going on, and in order to actually do well, you pretty much have to keep moving to the beat through the whole song. After 4 or 5 songs in a row, my heart was moving, I had worked up a good steam, and was starting to see DDR as an option for a decent workout. I have no way to track the calories for sure, but after 45-60 minutes of 'dancing' (that's really a stretch to call what I was doing dancing) I felt at least as spent as I do walking 20 minutes on my treadmill, so I'm going to give myself the same calories burned as that routine. I won't always have time for 45-60 minutes of DDR, but will use it as a change of pace from time to time, especially when there's been a challenge thrown down....look out C-Dub.

Food note: Iron Chef Orange Sauce with Ginger is a nice sauce to cook your chicken in. 60 calories per 2 tablespoons. We put 4 into 5 servings of chicken breast and cooked it up - brown rice and salad...nice dinner.


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