Monday, March 5, 2007

Day 30: The Breakfast Decision

Update: 237.0 lbs, 21.2 lbs so far, 16.8 left to reach goal.

One of the things I look forward to the most at night time is breakfast the following morning...gotta be honest. Of course, one of the things I dread the most is making the decision of how I'll spend my calories for breakfast. I worry that I'll feel full from what I eat, and wonder if I should shift more calories to breakfast from my dinner alotment, eating (and hopefully) burning more calories when I'm awake rather than when I'm asleep. But then I get nervous that we'll end up planning some great meal at dinner and I'll be calorie-deficient to enjoy it....ahhh!

My standard breakfast selections have been corn flakes - with or without bananna, eggs - either boiled and whites only with a bagel, or a couple eggs scrambled with a couple slices of bacon, or some sort of peanut butter toast or peanut butter and preserves on rice cakes. I've also had a bagel with some mozarella cheese and tomato slice which is also good, and it goes without saying that black coffee has been a part of each breakfast.

Breakfast, I love thee...I just hate making the decision each day. Someone suggested honey nut cheerios with Teddy Grahams sprinkled on top, which sounds tempting, but may not work great on 'the plan.'



Tammy Bowers said...

Hi Paul,
I'm hoppin' on the wagon with ya today. I'm a big mocha fan in the AM. If I have to drink my coffee black, then I might as well move to diet coke in the morning. So, I bought some sugar free hot choco. Drinking it now, not nearly as good, but no pain no gain. Thanks for inspiring me with your great posts. It's just what I needed to get motivated! Keep up the great work! TB

Paul said...

Thanks Tammy! Best of luck in your did way better than I last time we did Biggest Loser so I know you'll do great!


Michael said...

Hey Paul, It's Michael.

Breakfast is a tough one for me too. Part of me wants to cal-up cause it's morning, and I've got the day or movement to burn it off, and part of me wants to cut corners on it so I don't run out of allotted cals to have with a good dinner.

My current standard breakfast is a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter, and a banana. And of course morning coffee. We're using fat free half & half and I only use about one tablespoon in mine, and two pack of sugar.

current stats. 7 days = 4lbs.

And I love the imagery of the DDR Throwdown.

Paul said...

Yeah, I've gone back and forth between wheat english muffins with peanut butter and banana, or rice cakes with peanut butter and preserves. Today I scrambled up some Egg Beaters (egg whites,) tossed in a serving of low fat shredded mozarella, some diced tomatoes, and made a wheat english muffin....about 250 total calories.

Props on the 4 lbs, I'm pumped you guys are 'on the plan' -- we'll have to video the DDR Throwdown.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

lbs: I might have been 5 by now, but I fell off the wagon yesterday. I came to work ill-prepared and found my self suffering through a long stretch of time from 3:00 to 7:00 without any resources. Then a customer who owns a snack company brought in a box of different kinds of potato chips, and I succombed to sweet seduction of a bag of New York Cheddar Kettle Chips. 150 cal's per serving, 5 servings in a bag, and I'd say I had 3/4 of the bag.