Saturday, March 10, 2007

Day 35: Hump Day Part Two

Update: 234.8 lbs, 23.4 lbs so far, 14.6 left to reach goal.

Good news...still under my 15-left-to-goal mark, bad news...I hit a second hump day in just a couple days...not my normal 4-5 day mark. Might have been the snacks later in the evening during our unexpected double date with both the Withers and the Trussells. (Who knew if you didn't actually write down the date in the calendar you so boldly promote to others, that you could forget you planned it!) We are such bad hosts....

Anyway, good think we're headed to the zoo for the day, I plan on burning tons of extra calories today with the 800 mile trip around the animals. It's not really raining right now, but the forecast does call for some possible showers, but hopefully it will stay dry enough to get out and get the feet moving.

Oh, and first homemade chocolate chip cookies since starting last night....oh baby.


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