Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 73: Sherbet vs Sorbet

Update: 221.2 lbs, 37.0 lbs so far, 1.0 left to reach goal.

Wow, 1 lb left to my goal....should only take me about 3 weeks to burn that baby off.....

So, I have to say, I never knew there was actually a difference between sherbet and sorbet, but there is. And just in case there is anyone out there who is still confused, it is sherBET, not sherBERT. The 'bert' is handy for video games like Q-bert, or childrens television programming like Bert and Ernie, but it's not part of the tasty ice cream substitute...that's simply 'bet.' But I digress...

Thanks to C-Dub and K-biz (Cdubkbiz, or Kbizcdub...if they ever got personalized plates together) we now know that Sherbet typically has milk products in it, or at least some sort of fat product. All this time I thought it was kind of a non-milk option, because it sure doesn't taste like milk to me, but I see I was wrong. Sorbets however are typically ice based (as in Italian ice, or granitas) and apparently were the first iced dessert, introduced in Asia, then in the Middle East and Italy. (One other Uncle Paul tidbit for you...if you have trouble remembering how to spell desert or dessert, you can always remember that dessert -- the tasty treat -- is spelled with 2 of the letter S because you always want a second helping, or two scoops. All you budding teachers out there may want to put that tool in your belt for future use in melding the young minds of our country.)

I also have always thought of sorbets as being purely fruit based, but after experiencing chocolate sorbet last night, once again, I now know better. Chocolate and raspberry sorbet together make a fine, milk free treat, keeping you light on your feet and agile for a few runs of "Mother" and "Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo."


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Michael said...

Congrats on your 1 pound!!! This is the final stretch!!

I have a feeling it's going to drop off of you fast. Like maybe overnight. This last week has been slow progress for you, and in my limited uneducated experience these things tend to sort of store up, and then dump weight quickly.

My theory is that being sick, and for whatever other reason, caused your progress to slow... I think the roller coaster is about to crest, and I bet you'll drop 2-3 lbs rapidly over the next day or two.