Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 77: Water

Update: 219.8 lbs, 38.4 lbs so far, Goal Reached Day 74. - 11.6 lbs to NEW 50 lb goal.

Woke up today and it's raining. Still not feeling great, so I'm hesitant to go out and walk/jog or bike in it today, although normally I don't mind too much. I'm also supposed to take 40-50 mid high kids to an outdoor activity which will likely have to shift gears now, and I knew a few people who had golf on their mind for this morning. That darned water is really just putting a cramp in the day.

Funny thing about water, I don't really care for it. When I was a kid somewhere around 8, I stepped out a little too far in the Willamette, got my foot stuck, and was certain I was a goner. Turns out my little dark brown hair was still kind of floating on the top of the water, but when you're stuck even that low, it's plenty frightening. Really, ever since then, water hasn't been my thing. I have taken tons of groups rafting and skiing over the years, and don't mind getting out in the boat to take pictures, but I just don't get out of the boat (sounds like a Casting Crowns song coming on) -- it's just not my thing.

I have, one time, taken a wild ride around an inlet on a jetski, but only because the Coggerman brought one and insisted. I had actually been having a decent time taking the ski-do out for a spin, so from somewhere deep inside, I felt a moment of bravery, donned the life jacket and climbed on. It was one of those jetskis that you have to hit hard enough for it to pull you out of the water, but as anyone there can attest (and some video footage that has been leaked out to the internet will show) I never got that badboy going faster than about, oh 5 miles an hour. I throttled it a bit, maybe once, and it was enough to show me that the 2 stroke motor would just eat me up like a chess pie, so I basically took the jetski, at an idle, around the inlet, as sharp as it would turn at that speed, to get me back to the beach. When a jetski is only going 5 miles an hour max, dragging a big brown guy behind it, it turns at about a 3 degree radius, so it took a few for me to get back in. Good times for everyone watching, I'm sure. I think later that week I provided an equal level of entertainment when I made it about 12 feet off the ground rock climbing at Smith Rock.

All that to say, it's been a love-hate relationship with water...mostly hate. I'm trying to drink 64+ ounces a day, but am just not digging it. I don't like the taste, I don't like the water-logged feeling, and I don't like walking to the water closet every 10 minutes as a result. But I'm trying. I know my body retains water when I don't drink it (crazy, I know) and the weight loss efforts are either hindered, or helped by how my water consumption is going, so I keep trying. I dig some of the carbonated or spring waters, but you gotta be careful for sweeteners or sodium that kind of defeat the purpose.

So, water, my nemesis, looks like we meet again.



Laura said...

Last trip to Winco I found a new favorite. No cal, no sugar/sweetner flavored water. Comes in a variety pack: orange, lemon, raspberry and blackberry. The brand is "Northwest.." something. Pretty good - kind of reminds me of when the ice cubes in your orange juice melts.
I think it was about $5 for a pack of 24.

Paul said...

Yeah, I actually found some flavored stuff that wasn't too bad at Target too...something Farms. I can't remember if it has a sweetener or not...but I think it didn't. Anyway, I liked one of the Pear and Blueberry combos I think. Not quite as cheap as the one you mention there, but for onesy twosey pick ups, it's decent.

I'll have to check those out at Winco. Thanks!