Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 74: Gooooaaaaaaaalllllllll!

Update: 220.0 lbs, 38.2 lbs so far, 38 lb goal hit!

Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit, I actually hit my first goal today and crossed the 38 lb mark to get to 220.0 lbs even. It's been a dern long time since I've been down to this size, and I have to say, feels pretty good.

For so many years I've been saying 'had I only started 3 months ago, I bet I could have lost 20 lbs by now,' but I was usually saying that
while dipping some steak fries in my ranch, and handing my bowl to the waiter at Red Robin to "fill 'er back up!"

Well 74 days ago, on February 3, I started out from the Shire like a 285.2 lb Frodo (could you imagine how wide he would have to be to squeeze that much into that height?) -- not sure where my journey would take me, but on the course to find the One True Ring of weight loss and better health. Along the way I encountered the Orcs of Fast Food, faced The Ringwraiths of late night temptations, and crossed the Dead Marshes of fat and calories -- on a near daily basis. Some battles were difficult, and on some days, my soul was weary from the fight, but the goal was worth the journey.

So what's next? Well, I may have to make a trip to Paddingtons on Sunday, for starters, but I think the 50lb mark is next, which will put me at 208.2, and then since I'm so close, I might as well shoot for 200 lbs even, or 58 lbs, and then probably just need to round it off to 60 lbs, which may be the ultimate goal. I was really hoping to do 50 lbs in 3 months like Kyle from my original post, but I'm just not sure my body is made to lose that much that quickly...because it sure hasn't been from lack of trying that it's slowed down the way it has lately. But overall, I'll be satisfied with the progress in the end.

Much love and thanks to all who continue to encourage me on a day to day basis. And to those who have joined me along the way....the journey continues! You can do it!


p.s. - that puts SeagravesJ as the closest guess to the correct day with a guess of 4/25. 7 days away, but still closest. Starbucks for you!


Nickerbocker said...

Man, that's so awesome! Congratulations!

Michael said...

That's so cool, man. Congrats.

It won't be long before the chubby cheeks picture guy will just be a story new staff people hear about from back in the day.

"Oh that's right... you didn't know Paul then... yeah a long time ago.. he was like 60-70lbs heavier than he is now. I think I have a picture of him somewhere... but you can just ask him.. he'll tell you all about it".

That's cool, dude.

And summer is coming, so Basketball, bike rides, tennis, and golf are sure to follow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul! It's Mindy from Cool Cats group! I found you! YAY! Now how to win that prize hahahaha. This blog dedicated to weight only is a brillant idea. I have a blog but it's all sorts of random...

Jennyth said...


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!! So happy for you! I would like to be the first to buy you a paddington's pizza :) I am happy to have contributed the mint mango salsa, sorbet, and guac along the way. Now, bring on the pizza my pizza friend. In the words of Guitar Hero... YOU ROCK! High Five, the Withers :)

seagravesj said...

Again, awesome job, Paul! Don't lose momentum - that 50lb mark is just around the corner!

Sydney said...

I say you'll hit 50lb mark by late June... Great job man! I think a paddingtons slice or two is in order...a guilt free reward! Congrats!

Paul said...

Just got home now after midnight from taking the youngin's to one of them there rock and roll shows....just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments. Again I appreciate all the support, and mango salsa... :)


BSkove, Associate Publisher said...

Congratulations! Good luck on reaching your next goal!